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Printing for faculty & staff FAQ.
Renew your SAS license on an Elon-owned computer.
Access payroll vouchers via OnTrack.
Descriptions of the different categories of facstaff email communication.
Outlines how to upgrade to or install Office 2016.
Covers the process of creating a dedicated Purchase Request email folder in Outlook.
Online web access email FAQ.
Provides message and recipient limits for email for faculty and staff.
Provides an overview for faculty and staff to add their Elon email to an Android device.
Information about what to do with your technology when moving office spaces.
Users at Elon University have the need to send confidential information to individuals either inside or outside of our organization through email encryption.
Follow these instructions to change the default Office 365 reply option that is set to "reply all."
Outlines mailbox quotas for students, faculty, and staff.