How to Upgrade or Install Microsoft Office 365 for Faculty & Staff

Microsoft Office Office 365 is now available for faculty and staff to install on their University-owned devices. If you wish to upgrade to Office 365, please follow these instructions.

These instructions are for PC users ONLY. Additionally, RightFax WILL NOT WORK with Outlook.

Downloading Office 365 through allows faculty and staff to install Microsoft Office 365 up to five (5) times for free, including on your personal devices.

1.) Log into your email account online at

2.) Once logged into your account, in the top left corner click the 'App launcher' icon  then click 'Office 365'

3.) On the right, click 'Install Office' then select 'Office 365 apps'

4.) Click 'Save File'

An image of the save file prompt.

5.) Launch the file and click 'Run'

An image of the run prompt.

6.) Office will begin installing in the background. DO NOT GO OFFLINE OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER DURING THIS PROCESS.

An image of hte install prompt.

7.) When available, click 'Next' on the Office screen

An image of the office start screen.

8.) On the next screen, select if you'd like to provide Office feedback or not and click 'Accept' to accept the User Agreement

An image of the recommended settings screen and user acceptance.

9.) A tutorial will launch - View, or click 'Next'

The first screen of the office tutorial.

10.) Select your Office theme and click 'Next'

An image of the select theme screen for office.

11.) Next, decide if you'd like a closer look at Office 365 (a more in-depth tutorial of new features) or click 'No, thanks'

An image of the takea  look at office prompt.

12.) Office 365 may still be installing - You can use your programs now

An image of the still installing but you can use office anyway screen.

13.) This message will display when Office 365 has finished installing - Click 'All done!'

An image of the completion prompt.

14.) You can find Office 365 by navigating to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office 365


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