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Outlines how students can upload videos to Kaltura.
Access Google Drive at Elon University.
General information about Google Drive, including access options and links to other support pages.
Upload files to Google Drive.
Delete files in Google Drive.
Create files directly in Google Drive.
Additional options for working in Google Drive.
Share files in Google Drive.
Outlines how students and alumni can setup their Elon email account in OS X mail.
How to change the display name for student email accounts which is useful for students who have had their account compromised. Display name may appear as something different from their name (e.g., like Outlook Team instead of John Doe).
Accounts provided to Elon University students.
This article shows users how to register for OnTheHub.
This article outlines how students can download Microsoft Project 2016.
This article outlines how to upgrade to or install Office 2016.
This article provides an overview of access and tutorials for Mathematica.