How to Upload to Kaltura for Students

1.) Log into Moodle

2.) Navigate to the course area you are uploading your video such as an Assignment or a Discussion Forum

3.) Click the Kaltura Media button

This image shows the Kaltura Media button, which has been circled.

  • If you don't see the Kaltura icon, click on "Use advanced editor" in the lower-right corner under the textbox.

4.) On the popup screen, you can select previously uploaded videos, or click 'Add New' and select 'Media Upload' - if you are selecting a previously uploaded video, proceed to Step 8

This image has a box that says Upload New pointing to the Media Upload and a box saying Previously Uploaded with an arrow pointing to a video that has been previously uploaded.

5.) Click 'Choose a file to upload'

An image of the choose a file to upload button.

6.) Select your file and click 'Open'

An image of the videos library.

7.) Your file will upload, once completed fill out the Name, Description, and any applicable Tags then click 'Back to Browse and Embed'

An image of the details page to fill out.

8.) Click 'Select' next to the video

An image of an arrow pointing to the select button.

9.) Click 'Embed'

  • If you don't see the Embed button, scroll down. It is likely at the bottom of the window.

10.) Click 'Submit'

An image of the screen with the submit button.

11.) Congratulations! Your video has been uploaded and embedded successfully in your course!


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