Move Technology in Office Spaces

When an office is moving to a new or temporary location, please do the following

Preparing to Move:

  • Obtain labels and boxes from your department chair or moving coordinator. This person will also know the schedule for your particular move.
  • Moving coordinators may obtain extra materials, by calling the Physical Plant at (336) 278-5500.
  • On each label, record your name, your new building name, and your new office number. Write with a dark marker, and use large characters.
  • Place labels on the sides of the boxes. For other items, place labels where they are most visible.
  • Be sure to label everything! (furniture, computer components, boxes, etc.) If an item is not properly labeled, the movers will not move it!
  • Empty all filing cabinets and desk drawers. Pack those contents into properly labeled boxes.
  • Once empty, lock filing cabinets and cover their locks with tape. You may tape the key to the front of the filing cabinet or keep it yourself.
  • Label your trash can(s) and recycling bin(s). They do not need to be boxed.
  • Pack other belongings as appropriate. 


Computers and Related Peripherals:

  • If you have a laptop computer, take the laptop and bag with you. Leave only the peripherals (monitors, keyboard, etc...) behind in your office.
  • Perform your normal data backup procedure, then properly power down your computer, and disconnect its cables. Place a label on all large components such as CPU’s, monitors, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Pack your keyboard, mouse, speakers, and small, externally connected devices as you would any other item. Be sure to label the box.
  • Bundle all loose cables together. Box if possible. Otherwise, secure them with string and/or rubber bands. Be sure to label any loose bundles.
  • Once in your new location, reconnect your computer in reverse order. If you need help reconnecting, please call the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200.


  • Your phone number will not change. Unplug your telephone. Place it in a properly labeled box. Once in your new location, reconnect in reverse order. If you need help reconnecting, please call the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200.


  • Coordinate all copier moves with Campus Technology Support by calling the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200. There is no need to disconnect or label any copier on your own.


Important Tips

  • The movers will NOT move live plants, flowers, etc. They will move personal items like pictures, lamps, boom boxes, etc. if properly boxed, labeled, and secured. Consider moving the more fragile/costly personal items yourself.
  • If you are not going to be present when the move takes place, please draw a diagram of your new office showing where you want large furniture placed. Tape that diagram to the top of your desk.
  • Stage all of your labeled boxes and items together within your current office.
  • If you need assistance in removing or hanging items on a wall, contact Physical Plant at (336) 278-5500.
  • Return all empty boxes to the designated location in your building so Physical Plant can recycle them.
  • For any move-related questions not addressed here, please contact Purchasing at (336) 278-5580.


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