Add Office 365 Email on a Mobile Device - Microsoft Outlook Client

This documentation will show you how to set up your Elon email through the Microsoft Outlook client on your mobile device.

  • These instructions are very similar on other mobile email apps as well.

1.) Open up the Outlook App 

The outlook app logo

2.) Enter your Elon University Email then click Add Account.

The "Add account" screen with an email address field available


3.) Select Done at the top left of the screen.

A red arrow pointing to the done option in the top left corner of the screen


4.) Select 'Set Up Account Manually' when prompted to sign in

The "Setup account manually" option is circled


5.) Select 'Office 365' for the email provider

An arrow pointing to the office 365 button


6.) Enter your Elon University Email then choose Next

The office 365 sign in page


7.) If MFA authentication is setup, you should receive a prompt to proceed.

The Duo security approval prompt



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