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Descriptions of the different categories of facstaff email communication.
Access a shared mailbox via Office 365.
Disabled accounts and what you should do if your account is disabled.
Accounts available to Elon University retirees.
Discusses various services and how to access them from off-campus.
Add email to an Android device for students and alumni.
To fix the issue of an iOS calendar not able to sync up with their calendar on OWA. The user can change their default calendar or email account.
Add your Elon email account to iOS devices for students.
Add email to an iOS device using Microsoft Outlook for faculty & staff.
Outlines how to set up an Elon Gmail account in OS X mail.
Online web access email FAQ.
Inbox rules to auto-forward emails outside of Elon University accounts is no longer allowed by Microsoft.
Overview of Microsoft's Advanced Email Threat Protection.