Shared Mailbox via Office 365

When accessing a shared mailbox via Office 365, you will need to follow this process each time you login. See the instructions for configuring a shared mailbox for Outlook (PC or Mac) or iOS devices to have the shared mailbox configured for repetitive access.

Students still using Gmail are able to access shared mailboxes as well, but only if they have been added to the group that has rights to the mailbox. To access, the student should go to and login using their Elon University credentials

1.) Log into your email account at

2.) Click the photo icon in the upper right-hand corner (it may be blank, as shown below)

An image of a user profile, circled, with an arrow pointing to it.

3.) Select 'Open another mailbox...' from the drop-down list

An image of the open another mailbox option, which is circled.

4.) Enter the name of the shared mailbox (1) and click 'Search directory' (2)

An image of the shared mailbox name, labeled 1, and the search box, labeled 2.

5.) Click 'Open'

An image of the open button, which is circled.

Your shared mailbox will now open as another tab in your web browser. Remember, if you want to send emails from your normal account, you will need to switch tabs back to your own email inbox.

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