Shared Mailbox Usage Agreement

When taking ownership of a shared mailbox, you are agreeing with the following:

  1. You are steward of this shared mailbox and are responsible for ensuring the operations and usage of this mailbox adheres to the policies and guidelines of Elon University regarding electronic communication and email usage. Please see Elon's policies and guidelines.
  2. You agree to serve as the point of contact for any activity associated with this shared mailbox.
  3. You are responsible for ensuring that email messages generated from this mailbox are business appropriate.
  4. You are responsible for governing access to this account. When users need to have access granted or revoked, you are responsible for contacting the Technology Service Desk and requesting those changes. You will need to review the list of users with access at least once every six months. To obtain this information, please contact the Technology Service Desk.
  5. When the mailbox is no longer required, you are responsible for notifying the Technology Service Desk that the shared mailbox should be deactivated by calling 336-278-5200.


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Mon 4/25/22 4:38 PM
Thu 9/7/23 9:27 AM
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