JAMF Connect - Formally NoMAD

JAMF Connect (formerly known as NoMAD), is a utility that streamlines password synchronization on Elon-owned Macs. It ensures that your Mac password stays in sync with your Elon Email password. Additionally, JAMF Connect offers a convenient menubar application with shortcuts to various IT-related tasks.


JAMF Connect Components

Login Screen

JAMF Connect provides a new overlay to the original macOS login window with an Elon branded experience.

If a user does not have a network connection, the Local Login button will appear at the bottom of the screen along with a message saying "Your Mac is not connected to a network. Try using local login."


Menu Bar

JAMF Connect also adds an icon with options that can be accessed in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Connect... - This will activate JAMF Connect and ensure that the user's password is syncing correctly.

Change Password - This will bring up Elon password change site, once completed it will force the user to sign back into JAMF Connect forcing a password sync.

Open Self Service - This will open JAMF's Service Service application.

Open Slashtop SOS - This will open Splashtop SOS to start a session for remote assistance with a Campus Technology Support.

About... - Provides information about JAMF Connect.

Quit JAMF Connect - This closes JAMF Connect which will force a restart of the application.


JAMF Connect Pop-up

The JAMF Connect sign in windows appears when either a user has changed their Elon email password or their email password has expired.


Email Password Sync

JAMF Connect's main purpose is to keep your Elon provided Mac password in sync with your Elon email password. This will prevent issues with your keychain and FileVault disk encryption.

When a user changes their Elon email password using the Elon Password Change site, JAMF Connect will detect the change within several minutes and will show an alert notification as shown below.

CIick the notification alert to re-synchronize your local Mac password with your newly changed Elon University Email password. 
Enter your full email address and password then click Sign In.

Enter your PREVIOUS password when prompted, then click sync.

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