Use Syncplicity on a Mac Device

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Using Syncplicity on a Mac computer is an easy process that may be managed by clicking on the Syncplicity icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Additionally, all your Syncplicity files may be found by opening the Finder, selecting your home user group (in the below image, this is the highlighted 'rgay' field), and opening the Syncplicity folder:
This image shows where to locate the Syncplicity folder.

  • Just double-click the Syncplicity folder and open any files as normal.

If you click on the Syncplicity icon from your toolbar, you will be presented with a variety of self-explanatory options:

This image shows an alternate view for accessing your Syncplicity folder.

  1. If you are syncing files, their progress will be identified in grey at the top of the drop-down list.
  2. Click 'Add Folder...' to add a folder to your Syncplicity account
  3. Clicking 'Syncplicity Folders' will allow you to select which folders you wish to be synced with your Mac.
  4. Clicking 'Recently Downloaded Files' will show you a list of the most recently downloaded files to your Mac.
  5. Click 'Browse to My Syncplicity' to be directed to Syncplicity's web portal.
  6. You may also provide feedback to Syncplicity, manage your preferences, check for updates, get help, or quit Syncplicity.
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