Install Syncplicity on a Mac Device

1.) Click on the link from the Syncplicity email you receive, or login to your account on Syncplicity's website

2.) After logging into your account, click the 'install' tab

This image has the install link circled from Syncplicity's website.

3.) Click the 'Download Syncplicity (Single Sign-On Edition)' link

4.) Open your downloads folder and click the Syncplicity file

This image shows a download DMG file.

5.) Now, drag the Syncplicity icon on your desktop to the Applications folder

This image shows that you need to drag and drop the Syncplicity icon into the folder.

  • You may now open Syncplicity be double-clicking the listing in your Applications folder.
  • Additionally, you may manage Syncplicity from the icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen:

This image shows the Syncplcity icon in the toolbar.

6.) Enter your Syncplicity account information (the same as your email login) and click 'Register'

This image shows a user logging in with their Elon email address.

7.) A new window will open prompting you to log into Syncplicity - do so, and click 'Login'

This is an image of the Elon login screen you'll navigate to.

8.) To finish registration, click 'Close'

9.) You may receive a prompt like below:

This is an image asking you to enter your password.

  • Simply enter your computer's password (different from Syncplicity's!) to allow changes to be made.

10.) If you've used Syncplicity before, you will be asked to synchronize any folder in your account - accept or reject what you would like backed up to your Mac

This is an example image of the path to sync files.

11.) Set your Microsoft Outlook User Data Folder to have Synplicity exclude this folder

Using the Finder, go to your Documents folder and look for the folder called "Microsoft User Data." Right click on this folder and hover over the option for Syncplicity, this should reveal three options. Choose the exclude folder option.

Doing this step assumes all of your email is in the Office365 cloud. Excluding this folder does not safeguard the emails that are stored locally in Outlook.


12.) Congratulations! You have installed and configured Syncplicity for your Mac!

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