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Overview of using Time Machine to perform scheduled system backups on Mac OSX devices.
Overview of how to find the IP Address or MAC Address for OSX (Mac) devices.
Outlines how to sign in to the Adobe Creative Cloud application.
Use Syncplicity on a Mac device.
Install Syncplicity on a Mac device.
Follow these instructions to set up your Elon University email account in the Mac Mail client.
Outlines how students and alumni can setup their Elon email account in OS X mail.
Outlines how to create rules in Mac Mail.
Provides an overview of backing up data on Mac computers to an external device.
Overview of enabling software installations from locations outside of the App store on Mac OSX devices.
Instructions for the appropriate browser to disable the Java plugin in your internet browser, should it be required.
Overview of using Parallels to download, install, and run Windows 10 on a Mac (OSX) device.
Shows how to fax from a Mac device.
Provides an overview of OneDrive for OSX devices.