OneDrive for Mac Computers

I. Installation & Getting Started

Please note this installer and instructions are only applicable to Macs on OS X 10.12 or later.

1.) Launch a web browser and go to the following link to download OneDrive:

2.) Click on Download

3.) When prompted for permission to download the file, click Allow

4.) The first time you open OneDrive on a Mac, you will be prompted to sign in with your Elon University email account:

Once you start signing in by entering your email address, the screen will update to the image pictured in Step 12.

5.) Finish entering your Elon email username and password and click 'Login'

6.) On the next screen, click 'Next' however you may click "Change Location" to change default location.

 We recommend the default location already chosen in the image below. However, users may choose whatever destination they desire.

7.) Click 'Next'

8.) Congratulations! OneDrive is now configured on your computer.


II. General Use

OneDrive functions as a simple folder where you can store documents for business use.

To add files to your OneDrive account, place files in your OneDrive. which will automatically sync with your Office 365 cloud account. You can access the files from anywhere with an internet connection through your email account at



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