Use OneDrive Online Web Access

Using OneDrive for Business through online web access is an incredibly easy and convenient way for faculty, staff, and students to access documents wherever they may be with an Internet connection. This page outlines how to access OneDrive for Business online, as well as helpful hints and tips in using OneDrive for Business online.

  • Just because you access OneDrive for Business online "does not mean" that OneDrive for Business is installed on your computer. In order for OneDrive for Business to be installed on your computer, you must install Office 2016.

I. Access

1.) Go to and sign in with your Elon credentials

2.) Select the OneDrive icon from the side rail on the left. If it’s not there, open the Apps Launcher at the top left (dotted  square box) to navigate to the OneDrive app 

OneDrive icon


3.) You now have access to the files in your OneDrive - Elon University  account

An image of the homepage for OneDrive online.

II. Creating New Files in OneDrive for Business

  • You can create new organizational folders, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel Survey documents directly from OneDrive for Business. To do so, perform the following.

1.) Click the New button

An image of how to create a new document in Onedrive, with the new button circled.

2.) Select the type of document you wish to create

An image of the different types of documents you can create.

3.) Your new document will open automatically in the online version of the document type you chose (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote)

  • If you edit documents in the online applications, saving will occur automatically.

After you have created the document, you can navigate back to OneDrive for Business, where your file will appear automatically.

4.) To navigate back to OneDrive for Business, click the checkerboard icon in the upper left-hand corner

An image pointing to the App icon, which is circled.

5.) Select 'OneDrive'

An image of available apps, with OneDrive circled.

6.) Your document will now appear in OneDrive for Business!

An image of a OneDrive folder, with the newly created document circled.

III. Uploading files to OneDrive for Business online

  • To upload files directly to OneDrive for Business online, there are two methods: you may manually upload the file, or you may drag-and-drop the file.

1.) To drag-and-drop a file, simply locate the file, click and drag the file onto the webpage

An image of a file being dragged and dropped into OneDrive. The drag-and-drop file is circled, with text saying "The icon in the box below is the document's icon dragged from the computer desktop."

  • The example above uses a file located on the computer's desktop.

2.) The document will appear in your Documents in OneDrive for Business online

The dragged and dropped file now shows in the documents folder, and has been circled.


Alternatively, you can upload files by clicking the 'Upload' button

An image of how you can upload a document by clicking the upload link, which is circled.

1.) Select the file you wish to upload and click 'Open'

A file upload box showing how you can upload a file.

IV. Editing Files in OneDrive for Business online

You can edit select files online directly through OneDrive for Business. Simply select the file, which will open up in the appropriate online version of the program (available for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents only). Changes made in online versions of the application will save automatically and reflect in OneDrive for Business.

When you click on other file types (e.g., photos, music files, InDesign files), you will be prompted to save the file to your computer before you may open it (shown below):

An image of a file being opened from OneDrive online.

V. Sharing Files

All files that you store in OneDrive for Business are private unless you decide to share them. You can easily share a file with everyone in your organization by placing it in the Shared with Everyone folder, for example. You can also share files with specified co-workers so you can collaborate on projects. If you’re signed-in to Office 365, you can even share with partners outside of Elon.

When you send email from Outlook Web App, you can attach a OneDrive for Business file as a link, instead of sending an attachment. When you Attach a file as a link, you automatically give the people you send the message to permission to edit the file. Plus, you save space in everyone's mailbox and encourage people to edit the same copy in OneDrive for Business.

To share a file, perform the following:

1.) Either right-click the file you wish to share and select 'Share' (1) or click to the left of the file (a blue checkmark will appear) (2) and click the 'Share' button (3)

An image showing how to navigate to two different ways to share a file, either by right-clicking the file and selecting share (labeled 1); or by clicing the checkmark next to the file (labeled 2) and clicking the share link (labeled 3).

2.) Fill out the form, entering email addresses (1), selecting their permissions (2), include a message (3), require a user to sign-in to view (4), or simply get a link for the shared file (5), then click 'Share' (6)

An image highlighting share options: 1 is where you enter email addresses; 2 is where you assign permissions; 3 is where you include a personal message; 4 is a checkbox where you can require sign-in; 5 is to get a link to share; and 6 is the button to click to actually share the document.

3.) Users entered in the address box will receive an email providing them with information about the shared file!

VI. Syncing OneDrive for Business to your computer

To sync OneDrive for Business or a team site library, we recommend opening the library in a browser and selecting the Sync option.

1.) Click the Sync button

An image showing where the Sync button is, which has been circled.

2.) Click 'Sync now'

An image of the Sync now option, which has been circled.

3.) Your files will Sync to your computer, as shown below:

An image showing an example of the syncing message.

VII. Files Shared with You

To view files shared with you, simply click the 'Shared with me' link on the lefthand side of OneDrive for Business online.

An image showing how to access files shared with you, which has the "Shared with me" option circled.


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