OneDrive for Windows Devices

OneDrive is also available as part of the Microsoft Office software package. OneDrive desktop client is an easy way to access files in your OneDrive account. Files saved in your OneDrive folder will be synced with the Cloud and accessible anywhere with any internet connection by logging into your email account at

The first time you open OneDrive for Business in the Windows desktop client version (All Programs -> OneDrive), you may be prompted to Sync your library.

If you see the below window stop there. You are using an old version. Please go online and login to OneDrive through the Elon email portal and download the new version.

An image of the Sync Now prompt.

1.) Go to and select download

2.) Install OneDrive from where it downloaded on to your computer. Usually in the downloads folder.

3.) Once installed it may appear as though nothing has occurred but a little cloud icon will show up in the bottom right corner of your screen (see below):

4.) Double click on that icon and you will be prompted to sign in. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the setup.

5.) When complete it will automatically open the file explorer window to see what is available on your OneDrive setup.

Important: Please note that there may be two instances of OneDrive showing in File Explorer. You will always use the "OneDrive - Elon University" folder. Ignore the other.



Option Action
Open folder This will open a Windows Explorer window with all the files synced to your OneDrive for Business account.
View Online This action will allow you to view your items as they appear online.
More This will allow you to select items such as exiting the application, settings and various pause settings
Exit This will exit the OneDrive for Business desktop client on your computer.

If you require further information regarding the OneDrive for Business Windows desktop client, open the 'Help' box or visit the support page for OneDrive for Business.

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