Fax with RightFax from a Mac Device

The RightFax Utility is unavailable on Macs. Instead, you can send RightFaxes through your email client (Mac Mail, Office  2016, or through a web browser at email.elon.edu).

1.) Open a new message in your mail client

2.) In the 'To' field, you will need to type the following:

  • fax=receipientfaxnumber/pn=recipientname@rightfax.pop

If you are faxing an Elon University employee, such as Ryan Gay at the Technology Service Desk, you would enter the following:

  • fax=2823/pn=RyanGay@rightfax.pop


If you are sending a fax to a non-University LOCAL fax number, you would enter the following:

  • fax=85551234/pn=JohnDoe@rightfax.pop

If you are sending a fax to a long-distance number, you would enter the following:

  • fax=817045551234/pn=JaneDoe@rightfax.pop


3.) Fill out the subject header and the rest of the email with the required text/attachments and click send

Please note that this process will take between 5-10 minutes to send a fax.


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