How to Specify Acceptable File Types for Assignment Submissions

1.) Next to your Moodle course name, click the gear icon (1) and click 'Turn editing on' (2)

An image of the gear icon labeled as 1 and turn editing on labeled as 2.

2.) Beside of the assignment name click 'Edit' (1) and 'Edit settings' (2)

An image of an assignment with edit labeled as 1 and edit settings labeled as 2.

3.) Scroll down to 'Submission types' and in the 'Accepted file types' box type in the file types you would like to allow for this assignment

An image of submission types with accepted file types circled.

Reference (from Moodle):

  • Accepted file types can be restricted by entering a comma separated list of mimetypes (examples: video/mp4, audio/mp3, image/png, image/jpeg), or file extensions including a dot (examples: .png, .jpg, .ppt, .doc). If the field is left empty, then all file types are allowed.


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