Add Random Questions from a Question Bank

One benefit to building a Question Bank within your course is that you can randomly pull questions to generate a quiz that is different for each student. This function works best if you have organized your question bank into categories. For information beyond this article, please see Moodle documentation here.

1. Navigate to the course which you like to use random quiz questions for. Open the quiz by clicking on the activity.

2. Select the tab "Questions".

3. In the Questions tab, select "Add" and then click "+ a random question".

4. You will be automatically redirected to a window to configure your random question settings. Click "Add random question" when you are ready.

  • Category: Choose the category you would like to take random questions from. You can select a category that you have created, or you can choose the default category which holds all the questions in the Question Bank. Each category name has a number in parentheses next to it, indicating the number of questions in that category.
    • Check the box below the category name if you would like to include questions from subcategories within the category you have chosen as well.
  • Number of random questions: Here, you can select the number of random questions you would like to include in the quiz. In the example, the number is set to ten. That means that all students who take the quiz will answer ten questions, but those ten questions be randomly picked from the category. If the category is particularly large, students may not even see the same questions as their peers.
    • Below this, you can see the questions that are contained within this category.

5. You will be redirected to the Questions tab.

  • Any questions that you have added will be visible here, including random questions. You can add more groups of random questions by following the same directions from step 3.

For more information on the question bank:

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