Remove a Grade Item (Column) in Moodle

Removing a Grade Item in Moodle will permanently delete all grades that have been entered in that column. Only delete a Grade Item if you are absolutely sure no student grades will be removed. It may be impossible to recover any deleted grades.

Activities created in Moodle, such as Forums, Assignments, and Quizzes, have corresponding Gradebook columns that are automatically created and linked by Moodle. You will have to remove the corresponding activity in Moodle to remove those columns. This walkthrough covers the process of removing columns you have manually created (known as 'Grade Items' in Moodle).

1.) Click 'Grades' in the Administration block

An image of the administration block, with grades circled.

2.) Click 'Setup' and 'Gradebook setup' from the tabs

An image of where to click setup (circled) and then gradebook setup (also circled).

  • This will redirect you to the Categories and Items page.

3.) Beside the grade item that you would like to remove, click 'Edit' (1) and 'Delete' (2)

An image of a grade item to remove, with 1 being edit and 2 being delete.

4.) When prompted to delete your Grade Item, click the 'Yes' button

An image of the confirmation screen.


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