Paste from Excel to your Moodle Gradebook

Grades can now be pasted directly from an Excel spreadsheet into Moodle. Follow the simple steps below to paste your grades from Excel into Moodle.

1.) In your course, click on 'Grades' from the Administration block

An image of the administration block, with grades circled.

2.) Click on 'Import'

An image of the import screen with import circled.

3.) Select the option 'Paste from spreadsheet'

An image of the paste from spreadsheet link, which is circled.

4.) Your Excel spreadsheet headers should match the names of your grade items in Moodle

An example excel file.

  • Column A should contain the header "username," and the remaining columns should contain the names of the assignments, quizzes, or grades you would like to import into Moodle.

5.) Copy the cells in Excel, and paste the information in the 'Data' space within Moodle

An image of the data block where you can paste your excel data in.

  • You can leave all of the other options as they are. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Upload grades.'

6.) If your file was imported successfully, you will see a preview of your import

An image of the import preview, with the user to identify labeled as 1 and circled; the grade item mappings labeled 2 and circled; and 3 being upload grades.

  1. Identify the user by selecting 'Username' for both 'Map from' and 'Map to.'
  2. In the 'Grade item mappings' section, specify where you would like the grades to go by using the drop-down menu. Always select 'Ignore' for the username.
  3. Click 'Upload grades.'

7.) If the grades were imported in successfully, you will receive a confirmation message

An example of the confirmation message for a successful import.

  • Click 'Continue.'


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