View Moodle as a Student

Important Note: We are aware of a bug in the current instance of Moodle that may prevent you from re-entering your course until you log out and then log back in again. If your course is unavailable to students, you switch to a student role, and then leave your course without returning to your regular role, you will not be able to re-enter your course until you log out of Moodle and then back in again. 

Having the Teacher role in your Moodle course comes with several abilities. One is being able to see content that is hidden from your students. The downside is that it is easy to overlook that your students can not view something in your course because you can. Temporarily switching to the Student role in your course will allow you to see the same things they do, including content in your course and grades. You will also be able to open and preview Assignments, Forums, and Quizzes.

1.) In the far right corner of your course, click your name (1) and choose 'Switch role to...' (2)

An image with the profile icon labeled 1 and return to my normal role circled and labeled 2.

2.) Click 'Student'

An image of switching roles, with an arrow pointing to student.

  • You will likely not have access to every role in the image above.

Viewing as a Student

An example of what Moodle looks like as a student, with student circled.

  • You are now viewing your course as a student. You should no longer see any editing options, and the number of features in your Settings block has decreased quite a bit. When you are ready to switch back to your Teacher role, click the 'Return to my normal role' link in either the Settings block, or near your name in the top-right corner of the page.
  • Do not leave the course without first returning to your normal role. 

Returning to Normal Role - Click your name (1) and then 'return to my normal role' (2)

An image of the profile dropdown, with the profile labeled 1 and return to my normal role labeled 2 and circled.


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