Documentation and How-To's for University-supported software, specifically aimed at how to start using the Learning Management System.

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Pinned Article Distribute Course Materials During Emergencies

Considerations for sharing course content through Moodle.

Pinned Article Get Started with Moodle

Helpful information about getting started with Moodle.

Add a H5P activity into your Moodle course

Walks users through the process of adding a H5P activity into their Moodle course.

Add a User Photo in Moodle

Outlines how to add a user photo to Moodle.

Add a User to a Moodle Course

How to add a user to a Moodle course.

Backup Your Course in Moodle

Outlines how to backup a course in Moodle.

Customize Your Dashboard

Outlines how to customize your Moodle dashboard.

Customize Your Moodle Dashboard to Display Current Courses

How to customize your Moodle dashboard to only display current courses.

Duplicate (Copy) an Item in a Course

This documentation will walk you through how to duplicate an item on a course page

Email Your Students through Moodle

How to email your students through Moodle.

Embed Twitter Widgets into Moodle

Walk you through the steps of adding the Twitter widget into your Moodle course.

Embed YouTube Videos in Moodle

Outlines how to embed YouTube videos in Moodle.

Import (Copy) Content from Previous Courses in Moodle

How to import or copy content from previous Moodle courses.

Link Courses Together in Moodle

Outlines how to link courses together in Moodle.

Make Your Moodle Course Available to Students

How to make your Moodle course available to students.

Remove a User from a Moodle Course

Outlines how to remove a user from a Moodle course.

Remove the News Forum in Moodle

Outlines how to remove the news forum in Moodle.

Take Attendance in Moodle

How to take attendance in Moodle.

Turn Edit On in Moodle

Outlines how to turn editing on in Moodle.

Use the Audio & Video Buttons in Moodle

Walks you through how to use the audio and video buttons in the text editor of Moodle.

Use the Recycle Bin to Restore Deleted Course Content

How to use the recycle bin to restore deleted course content.

User Roles Within Moodle

Outlines the roles and what they can and cannot do within Moodle. We have a handful of roles that can be assigned to users.

View Moodle as a Student

Provides an overview for faculty who wish to view Moodle as if they were a student.