Install Previous Versions of Apps on Adobe Creative Cloud

You can download previous versions of Creative Cloud apps, such as CS6. For most apps, you can have multiple versions of the same app installed on your computer at the same time, if you choose.

1.) Open the Creative Cloud desktop app. Click the Adobe  icon in your Windows taskbar or the macOS menu bar. 

2.) Scroll down to the app you want to install and click the three dots icon

3.) In the drop-down list, click Other Versions

4.) In the list that appears, find the app version that you want to install, and click Install.

  When you install a new version of a Creative Cloud app, its previous version is removed by default. However, you can set a preference to retain the previous version.

How to retain previous versions of your app

  1. Click the gear icon  in the upper-right corner to access Preferences.

  2. Click the Apps tab in the sidebar and under Settings enable Show Older Apps.



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