Link Courses Together in Moodle

When instructors teach more than one section of the same course, they may find it easier to link the sections together in Moodle. This is a quick and simple process. Follow the directions below to link different sections of the same course together in Moodle.

For example: You are teaching three sections of the same course.


You would pick one of the sections to be the "hub" course and link the other two sections to the main course.

BUS101B1403 is the main course and BUS101C1403 and BUS101E1403 will be linked to it.

Special Notes

  • We strongly recommend leaving the course(s) you are not using hidden from students to prevent any confusion for them.
  • You will be able to enter grades for all students from all sections within the "hub" course you have linked the other(s) into.
  • We strongly recommend using the Add to Group drop-down menu to create a new group for the linked section. This should be done between Steps 6 and 7 below. Adding the students from a linked section into a group will allow you to set different dates and times for quizzes and assignments, as well as filter which students appear in the gradebook.

View the tutorial or follow the directions below to link different sections of the same course together in Moodle.

1.) Log into Moodle and find the course that you would like to be the main course for all of the sections

An image of the Course Overview section.

2.) Click on the gear icon next to the course name

An image of the settings gear icon, which has been circled.

3.) Click 'More...'

An image of the gear settings menu expanded with the More option circled.

4.) In the course that you would like to be the main course, click on (1) 'Users' and then (2) 'Enrollment methods'

An image of the Users tab of Course Administration, with Users circled and labeled 1; and Enrollment methods circled and labeled 2.

5.) On the Enrollment methods page, use the drop-down menu under 'Add method' and select 'Course meta link'

An image of the enrollment methods, with the Course meta link you should select.

6.) Use the drop-down menu next to 'Link course' to select the course you would like to link or search

An image of the course meta link section with the arrow pointed to the link course option.

7.) Once you have selected the course you would like to link, click the 'Add method' button

An image of the section with Add method as a button, which has an arrow pointing to it.

  • You have now successfully linked your courses together in Moodle!

The linked courses will now appear under the 'Enrollment methods' page

An image of the enrollments page with the linked courses circled.

  • You will then see the course meta links listed. This will allow you to verify that your courses are linked together in Moodle.
  • If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Technology Help Desk at 278-5200.


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