Quick Start Course Templates

Why Use a Course Template?

As Lee, Dickerson, and Winslow (2012) note in their paper titled An Analysis of Organizational Approaches to Online Course Structures online course structure is, "Not to be confused with course content selection or instructional decision-making, online course structure refers to the standardized layout, design, arrangement of materials, location of information, and use of communication tools to enhance and facilitate learning and course navigation and ambiance."

The templates listed in this article contain a pre-built course structure, as well as placeholders for support content and resources for students. All features of these templates are based on research-supported practices for quality course design. Though not required, using one of these templates will save you valuable course development time by providing a pre-developed course structure, allowing you to focus exclusively on developing content, assessments, and experiences for your students. This also reduces student confusion and anxiety by creating a consistent course experience for them. The video below provides additional context for what these templates are designed to do. 

Reviewing the Templates

We strongly encourage reviewing the templates before you request one be added to your course(s). Clicking either link below will prompt you to self-enroll in the template site with a non-editing teacher role. This will allow you to view support resources for faculty that are hidden from students. Your self-enrollment will expire after two days; Moodle will automatically unenroll you at that time.

Both templates are fundamentally the same, but the Light version has a more streamlined structure and simplified Overview page in each topic. If your technical confidence with Moodle is low, you will likely appreciate the Light version of the template more. 

Requesting a Template for Your Course

If you'd like to use either of the templates in one or more of your courses, submit a Moodle Request ticket

Tip: Be sure to include your Course ID(s), and which of the two templates you would like to use. 

Support for Using the Course Templates

The following YouTube playlist covers how to update and modify all major features of the course templates. The videos in this playlist are also included at the top of each template inside the Faculty Getting Started Guide, which is hidden from students. 


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