Get Started with Moodle

How do I log-in to Moodle?

  • Go to OR access, select "Resources" and "Moodle".

  • Use your Elon username and password.

How and when can I learn to use Moodle?

How do I get a course/organization/department shell created?

  • After the list of courses is approved and released from the Registrar's office for each semester or term, a systems operation is performed to create course shells in Moodle. Courses are created, and faculty are enrolled four months before the course start date. Faculty must be assigned to the course in OnTrack to be enrolled as the instructor in the Moodle course.

  • If you need an organizational or departmental site, or require a course shell before the system operation is performed, contact the Technology Service Desk at (336)278-5200 and a course shell will be created for you. Be sure to include the complete name of your organization, department, or course and section number.

  • Moodle Quick Start Templates can be imported before the start of a course. They provide a pre-built course structure, as well as placeholders for support content and resources for students. A request will need to be made in order to add this to your course. 

How do I enroll or unenroll students in Moodle?

  • Students are automatically loaded into your courses directly from Colleague three months before the start of a semester, with enrollment syncs occurring every four hours during the day. This is a systems operation, and does not require any action on your part. Students who drop a course are automatically processed as well. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for a student to be removed from your course.

How do I assign administrator rights in a Moodle course?

How do I upload files?

  • Uploading a file is called "File" under "Add an activity or resource".

  • You can also drag and drop files into the center of your course when editing is turned on. 

How do I make a course available or not available?

  • This is done by clicking the following: Gears icon in the top-left corner, Edit Course Settings (in the Course Settings column), Course Visibility (Show/Hide).

  • For quick directions on how to make a course available, go to How to Make Your Moodle Course Available to Students

How do I report grades at the end of the term?

  • You must enter official final grades manually into OnTrack. The grades in Moodle are for your reference only and are not connected to any other systems.

  • Moodle is entirely separate from OnTrack. Moodle is a Learning Management System, intended for use by faculty and students for teaching and learning purposes only. OnTrack is linked directly to Colleague, the university's enterprise operating system. When you enter grades through OnTrack, they are being entered into the university's official records.


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