Moodle Checklist Plugin

Moodle Checklist Plugin

  • The checklist activity is a plugin recently added to Moodle.
  • This article covers adding a checklist activity to your Moodle course and reviews the basic settings.
  • This plugin does not function in the Moodle app.

Checklists can be added to your Moodle course via the activity chooser in your Moodle course. To add a checklist:

  • Ensure editing is turned on in your course.
  • Click “Add an activity or resource.”
  • Select “Checklist” in the activity chooser.
  • Name your Checklist activity.
  • Add a description in the “Introduction” field.
  • User can add their own items
    • Select this option if you would like students to be able to add items to the checklist activity. Students cannot see items that other students have added to their own checklists.
  • Users can add their own comments to checklist items
    • Select this option if you would like students to be able to comment on checklist tasks.
    • Student comments do not show up on other student accounts.
  • Updates
    • Student only: students can check off checklist tasks.
    • Teacher only: teachers can check off checklist tasks in the “view progress” area.
    • Student and teacher: students and teachers can check off checklist tasks in their respective areas.
  • Add due dates to calendar
    • Select this option if you set due dates for individual tasks and you would like them to appear on the calendar in the Moodle dashboard.
  • Teachers can add comments
    • Select this option if you would like course instructors to be able to comment on checklist tasks for individual students.
    • If teacher comments are enabled, they can add comments by going to the "View progress" tab on the checklist task and clicking on the magnifying glass next to a student's name. 
  • Maximum grade
    • Add the number of points you would like this checklist to be worth in your course. If the checklist is not for a grade, you can set a value of 0 for this field.
  • Email when checklist is complete
    • When a checklist is complete, a notification email can be sent to the student who completed it, to all the teachers on the course, or to both.
  • Show course modules in checklist
    • This will automatically add a list of all the resources and activities in the current course to the checklist.
    • This list will be updated with any changes in the course whenever you visit the 'Edit' page for the checklist.
    • Items can be hidden from the list by clicking the 'hide' icon beside them.
    • To remove the automatic items from the list, change this option back to 'No,' then click on 'Remove course module items' on the 'Edit' page.
  • Check off when modules are complete
    • This will automatically check off items in your checklist when you complete the relevant activity in the course.
    • If completion tracking is switched on for a particular activity, that will be used to tick off the item in the list. Otherwise, 'completing' an activity varies from one activity to another - 'view' a resource, 'submit' a quiz or assignment, 'post' to a forum or join in with a chat, etc.
  • Lock teacher marks
    • When this setting is enabled, once a teacher update has saved a 'Yes" mark, they cannot change it.
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