Distribute Course Materials During Emergencies

Changing plans and emergencies may require you to make your course materials easily available online. You may also need to add materials or transition in-person assignments to a solely asynchronous format. In a pinch, providing some new readings and related assignments may be your best bet for keeping the intellectual momentum of the course moving. For information beyond this article, visit Moodle documentation here.

1. Considerations when posting new course materials:

  • Make sure students know when new material is posted.
    • If you post new materials in Moodle, be sure to let students know what you posted and where. Moodle Quick Mail or the Moodle Announcement forum can be used to notify students of changes.
  • Keep things accessible and mobile-friendly.
    • In a crisis, many students may only have a mobile device available, so make sure you are using mobile-friendly formats including PDFs and Moodle pages. 
    • Consider saving other files in two formats, its original application format, and a PDF. PDFs are easier to read on phones and tablets and keep the file size small, and the original file format often has application features that are helpful to students who use accessibility software.
    • Please note that videos take lots of bandwidth, so only require them if you are confident students will have the network and computing resources to access them during the current situation.  

2. Mobile options for Moodle

  • Moodle is available through mobile web browsers, and through the Moodle mobile app.
  • Moodle Mobile is available for students who don’t have access to a computer or Wi-Fi. It allows students to download course content for offline viewing. The mobile app can be downloaded through Apple and Android app stores.  
    • When prompted for the site address, enter https://moodle.elon.edu. You can also scan the QR Code found in your Moodle Profile.
    • See a brief overview of the Moodle Mobile app here.

2. Resources for Moodle

From Stanford, modified by Elon.

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