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Quizzes in Moodle can help assess student learning. They can be used as a formative exercise that includes feedback and multiple attempts or a summative test with a strict time limit and shuffled questions. Creating a Moodle Quiz includes 3 steps: 1) Creating a Quiz Activity, 2) creating or importing questions, and 3) adding questions to that quiz. Jump straight to how to create a quiz in Moodle on the Technology Knowledge Base. 

Good practices for questions

Good practices for settings 

  • Use Moodle's availability and time limit settings. 
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Availability: Make assessments available for a short period of time. For example, open the test up between 1pm and 3pm for the students. This decreases the possibility of them taking the quiz first and then assisting another student.  
    • Time limit: The recommended time allotment for a recall test is between 45 and 60 seconds per question. Randomizing the questions and answers makes collaboration problematic and time consuming coupled with time limits.  
    • Availability and time limits are set in the quiz settings. Review how to override the settings and give extended time to specific students. 
  • Display questions one at a time. If a test has more than 5 questions, schedule the questions to appear one at a time. This coupled with a timed assessment, doesn’t provide students with enough time to copy and distribute the information. 
  • Limit feedback while the quiz is open to students. Providing test scores is important feedback that indicates how well students have performed and should be made available. However, through a process of elimination, students may be able to determine the correct answer for each question if their submitted answers are identified as incorrect, or if the correct answer is provided. This is especially relevant if faculty have allowed students to repeat assessments. Each time an assessment was taken, students could attempt a different answer for a question that was previously graded as incorrect. Correct answers to all questions could eventually be accumulated and disseminated. 
  • Release feedback after the assessment is closed. Students like to see what questions they missed and what the correct answers are. Learn about the review settings in Moodle Quizzes.  

Modified from the Elon Technology Blog

Formative vs summative 

A Moodle Quiz can become a formative exercise by adjusting the attempts and feedback settings.  

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