Embed YouTube Videos in Moodle

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1.) In your course, click 'Add an activity or resource'

An image of the add activity or resource button, circled.

  • Editing must be turned on in your course in order to see the "Add an activity or resource" button.

2.) Select 'Page' 

  • Videos can be placed in Moodle nearly anywhere you have a text box. This example shows how to give a YouTube video its own page in your Moodle course.

3.) Enter a name for your video (1) and a description (2)

An image of the general prompt, with 1 being the name and 2 being the description.

4.) Copy the URL of the video from YouTube

An example YouTube URL, circled.

5.) In the 'Content' section, click the link icon to create a hyperlink

Content box

6.) Paste the URL into the 'Enter a URL' section.

Create link box

7.) Click 'Create Link'

8.) On your Moddle Page you will see the page where you can find the video

Youtube video link

8.) By clicking on the page you will be taken to embedded YouTube clip

YouTube video on your moodle page



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