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Embedding a YouTube video is a great way to make sure that students have access to content not contained in Moodle. Use the article below to learn how you can embed videos in your course. For information beyond this article, please visit Moodle documentation here.

1. Navigate to the course you would like to embed a video in. Turn Edit mode on.

2. Click "Add an activity or resource".

  • Videos can be placed in Moodle nearly anywhere you have a text box. This example shows how to give a YouTube video its own page in your Moodle course.

3. You will be directed to a window to choose your activity type. Select "Page".

4. Configure the General settings for your Page.

  • Name: This is the name of the page, which will appear on your course page. Choose something recognizable for students and instructors.
  • Description: You may add an optional description here. This is not where you will place the video link.
    • Check the box below the description to display it on the course page below the name.

5. Locate the video you plan to use on YouTube. Select "Share".

6. Copy the link provided by YouTube.

7. Return to Moodle. In the "Content" section, click the link icon to create a hyperlink. You can also add other text or images here if needed.

8. Enter the text you would like to display for the hyperlink. Paste the link into the "Enter a URL" section. Click "Create Link".

9. Select any necessary Appearance settings.

  • Display page description: If enabled, the description you entered in step 4 will be displayed on the page.
  • Display last modified date: If enabled, the date on which the page was last modified will be displayed.

10. Select any necessary Common module settings.

  • Availability: This will allow you to show or hide this page from students on the main course page.
  • Include in course content download: If enabled, this page and the contents will be included in any course downloads. The default setting here is "Yes".

11. Select any Restrict access settings.

  • To learn more about Restrict access settings, visit our article here.

12. Select any Activity completion settings.

  • To learn more about Activity completion settings, visit our article here.

13. Click "Save and Display" once you are finished configuring the settings.

14. By clicking on the page, you will be taken to the page containing the video you just embedded. Students will not have to leave Moodle to view the video.

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