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View the tutorial or follow the directions below to customize your dashboard in Moodle.

The Recently Accessed Courses Block

The Moodle Dashboard is a customizable alternative to the Moodle home page that provides more control for arranging and filtering your course list. It can be accessed by clicking the “Dashboard” link in the left-hand column menu in Moodle, or by visiting

You can also watch this video to view the changes to the Dashboard.

An image of recently accessed courses.

At the top of your Dashboard is the Recently Accessed Courses block. The last few courses you’ve viewed will auto-populate here. This block refreshes each time you visit the Dashboard and is based on the exact order you last viewed your courses.

If you uploaded a course image in one of your courses, it will appear here. If you have not, you will see a randomly assigned geometric image.

Features of the Course Overview Block

The Course Overview block displays courses in which you are enrolled as an instructor, and courses that have been made available to you as a student. The Course Overview block’s default display presents courses in a card style format, sorted by course name, and displays 12 courses at a time.

Anatomy of a Course Card

An image of a course card, with arrows pointing to course image, display options, course short name, starred course, course full name, and course completion %.

Each course card displays up to five pieces of information:

  1. The course image (if uploaded within the course’s settings)
  2. A display options menu (to hide/show or star/unstar the course)
  3. A star (only if the course has been starred in the display options menu)
  4. The course short name and full name
  5. The course completion percentage (if enabled in the course)

Sorting Courses

An image of sorting courses.

There are two sorting options for the Course Overview block: Course Name and Last Accessed. You can change between these sorting options by clicking the Sort by dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the block and selecting the other sorting option.

Sorting by Course Name sorts courses by the Course Full Name.

Starring and Hiding Courses

An image of unstar this course or hide from view.

The Star and Hide options are easy ways to control what displays in the Course Overview block. Each course card has a display options menu, which appears as three dots (an ellipses) on the right side of each course card.

Clicking this icon will provide the option to star or unstar a course, and hide or show it in your view. Starring and/or Hiding courses is especially effective when combined with the Filter option.

Hidden courses will only be visible on your Dashboard if you change the Course Overview block filter to “Hidden”. Hidden courses will not display in the Recently Accessed Courses block, even if you did recently access them.

The Star and Hide settings only affect your Dashboard. They will not affect the Moodle Home Page.

Filtering Courses in the Course Overview Block

An image of filtering courses.

Filtering is an easy, effective way to reduce the amount of courses displayed in the Course Overview block. The Filter menu is in the top-left corner of the block, and includes six filter options:

  1. All: Shows all of the courses that would also display for you on the Moodle home page.
  2. In Progress: Shows any available courses that are currently between their set course start and end dates.
  3. Future: Shows any available courses that have a course start date set in the future.
  4. Past: Shows any available courses that have a course end date set in the past.
  5. Starred: Shows any available courses you have manually starred using the display options menu.
  6. Hidden: Shows any available courses you have manually hidden using the display options menu. This is the only location on the Dashboard where you can see courses you have hidden using the display options menu.

The Easiest Way to Control What You See

  1. Use the Display Options menu (three dots) to star your active courses, as well as hide courses you do not anticipate using again in the next several months.
  2. Change the Filter to only show Starred courses.
  3. Change the Sort by option to Course Name.


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