Add a User Photo in Moodle

Add a photo to your Moodle profile.

1.) After logging into Moodle, in the top right-hand side of the screen click your name (1) and then 'Profile' (2)

Image of selecting Profile, with 1 as your profile icon and 2, circled, as the profile link.


2.) Click the 'Edit Profile' option

Image of selecting Edit Profile, circled, with an arrow pointing to it.


3.) Scroll down to the 'User picture' section; drag and drop your preferred photo into the 'New picture' window

Image of where to drag and drop your photo, which has been circled.


4.) Your photo will show in the 'New picture' section once you have drag and dropped it in; scroll down and click 'Update profile'

Image of Update Profile button


5.) Your new user photo will appear in your profile in Moodle

Image of new phone icon


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