Configure the elonu-connect Wireless Network

Before proceeding you must disable your ad-blockers and pop-up blockers before accessing the portal. Until this is complete, you will get a page loading error and be unable to continue registering your device.

While devices like your laptop and iPhone can use your Elon University username and password to connect to Elon's preferred wireless network, elonu-secure, many consumer-grade wireless devices such as printers, gaming consoles, Chromecast, FireTV sticks, and Roku cannot use what is known as “Enterprise-level Security.” For this reason Elon University has added an additional network featuring WPA2-PSK security.
This new network, elonu-connect, will allows you to use the same reliable, fast and secure network with those devices. The elonu-connect network allows you to self-register up to 10 devices and then automatically expire 180 days after registration. The only thing you will need before registering is your MAC Address. Some examples of how to find that are below.

If you choose to connect a wireless printer to this network, it is HIGHLY recommended you ONLY keep the printer powered on while in use. Otherwise, others in your area may be able to print to the device. There is no way to prevent this behavior, other than only powering on the printer when you are using it, or by connecting to the printer via USB cable.
Many times, the MAC Address may be printed on the box your device came in, or is printed on the device itself. If you are unable to locate your MAC or Wi-Fi Address, visit and search for: how to locate MAC address for (insert device name here).
Choose a unique name for your device when naming it on Names should not be obscene, or listed as a dorm name or location.
*Note: Names cannot include special characters like apostrophes.

Adding Devices to elonu-connect

In order to connect your device to elonu-connect, you must first register the device. To do so, please do the following:

1.) Visit (You must be on Elon's network to access this site)

An image of the elonu-connect login page.

  • Login with your Elon email username and password.

2.) Read the disclaimer and click 'Continue'

An image of the elonu-connect disclaimer.

  • Please note that the SSID for the network and the passphrase or shared key to connect to it is visible at all times from this screen onward.

3.) On the next screen, you will see any previously-registered devices, and have the opportunity to register new devices

An image of the manage devices page; with 1 as the passphrase, 2 is the add button, and 3 is the status.

  1. The passphrase is what you will enter on your device AFTER you have added it to your devices.
  2. Click the 'Add' button to add a new device.
  3. Ignore the status listed next to the device. After adding the device, it will be ready for use. The status is for future functionality of the system and may be ignored.

4.) After clicking 'Add,' fill out the form with a Device name (1), the device's MAC address or Wi-Fi address (2), and a brief description (if desired) (3), then click Submit (4)

An image of the Add Device screen; with 1 as the device name, 2 is the MAC or WiFi address, 3 is the description, and 4 is the submit button.

5.) Once your device is registered, connect your device to the elonu-connect network - when prompted for a password, enter the passphrase located in the upper left-hand corner of the MyDevices site

6.) Congratulations! You are now connect to the elonu-connect network

Deleting a Device

You are only allowed to connect ten (10) devices to the elonu-connect network. If you have reached this limit and wish to add another device, you must delete one of your other devices. To do so, follow these steps:

1.) Select the device you wish to delete

An image of the manage devices screen where you can delete devices.

2.) From the Manage Device screen, you can report the device as lost, stolen, or delete it from the system - Select Delete

An image of the manage device screen where you can ID if a device was lost, stolen, or deleted from the system.

Examples of MAC Addresses and Wi-Fi Addresses on certain devices:

Below are examples of various MAC and Wi-Fi addresses used for elonu-connect. Typically, you can navigate to the device's Setup or Settings page to find this information. Again, if you need assistance locating the address, it is recommended to perform a Google search for "how to find a MAC (or Wi-Fi) address for (insert device name here).

Windows Device

An image of the screen to ID a Windows device MAC Address (the physical address, which is circled). The arrow points to the Wi-Fi wireless section you should look for.

  1. Open a command prompt by clicking the Windows logo/Start Button and type: command
  2. In the command window enter: ipconfig/all
  3. Look for the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi entry, and use the Physical Address (circled above)

Apple Device

An image of an iOS device wireless settings, with an arrow pointing to the circled WiFi address.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> About
  2. Use the Wi-Fi Address

Wireless Printer

An example of a wireless printer IP Address and MAC address.

It is recommended that wireless printers are powered off when not in use. If a wireless printer is on the elonu-connect network, other may be able to see and print to the device.


An image of where to find an Apple TV wifi address, which is circled and has an arrow pointing to it.

Google Chromecast

A Google Chromecast example, with the MAC Address circled.


1. Scroll down to "private network"

2. Look on the right side of the screen

3. The MAC address will be displayed on the screen

If the above does not work, have the individual complete the following "cheat code" on their Roku remote:

1. Hit the home button (on the remote) 5 times

2. Hit the fast forward button 3 times

3. Hit the rewind button 2 times

4. The MAC address will be displayed on the screen

Still having issues? Try downloading and using the step-by-step Roku guide on the right side of this page in the Files section.

An image of a Roku device and it's settings page.

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