Turn Editing On in Moodle

This article will you tell you how to turn on Edit Mode in Moodle. Turning editing on in your course will allow you to add, update, move, and remove content. It will also allow you to add blocks to the Block Drawer of your Moodle course. For information beyond this article, please visit Moodle documentation here.

In the top-right side of the header, toggle the Edit switch.

How to identify if Edit Mode is on:

There are several indicators to let you know you've successfully turned editing on. These include:

  1. The Edit switch will turn from grey to green.
  2. Pencil icons will appear next to the labels for sections and activities.
  3. The "Add an activity or resource" option will appear at the bottom of each section.
  4. Menu icons will appear on the right side of the screen, opposite to the labels for each section and activity.


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