Turn Edit On in Moodle

Turning editing on in your Moodle course will allow you to add, update, move, and remove content. It will also allow you to add blocks to the main page of your Moodle course.

1.) Beside your course name, click the gear icon (1) and (2) click 'Turn editing on' (2)

An image of the settings icon, circled and labeled 1, with turn editing on circled and labeled 2.

  • It is near the top-right corner of the page, in-line with the course name.

"How do I know it worked?"

An image of a Moodle screen, with 1 highlighting it says turn editing off; 2 as editing actions; and 3 as the add an activity or resource link.

There are several indicators to let you know you've successfully turned Editing on. These include:

  1. The 'Turn Editing On' text under the gear icon is changed to 'Turn editing off.'
  2. Several editing icons appear next to the each piece of content in your course.
  3. The 'Add an Activity or Resource ' link will appear in each section of your course.


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