Customize Your Moodle Dashboard to Display Current Courses

1.) At the top of your Moodle dashboard, click the 'Customize this page' button

An image of the dasboard, with an arrow pointing to the Customize this page button, which has been circled.

2.) On the left-hand side of the Moodle page, scroll down until you see the 'Add a block' option

An image of the add a block portion.

  • Please note: If you do not see the 'Add a block' option, it may be because your navigation pane is collapsed. Click on the hamburger icon to open the navigation pane.

3.) When you click the 'Add a block' button, you will be shown a list of blocks you can add to your Moodle dashboard; select the 'Filtered course list' option

An image of the filtered course list option, which has been circled.

4.) The 'Filtered course list' block will now display on the right-hand side of your Moodle page; click the gear icon on the block and select 'Configure Filtered course list block'

An image of the settings wheel (circled) expanded, with the configure filtered course list block option also circled.

5.) In the 'Block settings' section, change the Block title to: Current Courses

An image of the block settings section.

6.) In the 'Filter configuration' section, add the following information: shortname | exp | Current courses | 1803

An image of the filter configuration section.

7.) In the 'Where this block appears' section, change the Default region to 'Content' and in the 'On the page' section, change the Region to 'Content'

An image of the settings section, with the default region and region dropdowns circled.

  • Click the 'Save changes'

8.) The 'Current Courses' block should now appear under the 'Course Overview' block; select the move crosshairs to move the block where you'd like it to appear on your Moodle Dashboard

An image of the current courses section, with an arrow pointing to the circled crosshairs button.

  • We recommend moving the block above the 'Course overview' block so your current courses for Spring 2019 appear at the top of Moodle when you login

9.) Click the 'Stop customizing this page' to save your changes

An image of an arrow pointing to the circled "stop customizing this page" button.


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