Understanding Course ID Number in Moodle

Moodle uses a logic for creating course ID numbers (e.g., ACC2300A2301, COR11002302, etc.) that consists of relevant course identifying information like department, course code, course section, and year and semester of instruction for all undergraduate courses. Course ID numbers serve as a structured system that aids users and administrators in easily discerning details about a particular course, offering and maintaining updated information in Moodle.  

Undergraduate Course IDs are coded in the following format:

Department Short Name Course Number Course Section Year of Instruction Semester of Instruction
BUS 1110 A 23 01

The course short name refers to Section A of a course within the Business School instructed in the Fall semester of the academic year 2023. 

The department short name and course codes do not change frequently for a given course. However, the course sections and the year/semester of instruction change every semester the course is instructed, changing the last four digits of the course short name each term. For example, ACC1110A2201 refers to a course instructed in Fall 2022, and ACC1110A2303 refers to a course instructed in Spring 2023. 

Semester and year codes for all semesters from 2019 – 2023:

Semester Years 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Fall (01) 1901 2001 2101 2201 2301
Winter (02) 1902 2002 2102 2202 2302
Spring (03) 1903 2003 2103 2203 2303
Summer 1 (04) 1904 2004 2104 2204 2304
Summer 2 (05) 1905 2005 2105 2205 2305

The course ID number follows a unique logic for different graduate programs and differs from the undergraduate courses. If you have a question about graduate program course ID number, please submit a Moodle Request.


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