Moodle Safe Exam Browser for Faculty

What is Safe Exam Browser?

Safe Exam Browser is a customized web browser, available for Windows (7, 8.1, 10), macOS (starting 10.7, recommended 10.11 or newer) and iOS (9.3.5 or newer). The application must be downloaded and installed on the device that the student uses to attempt the quiz. 

  • Students will only be able to attempt the quiz if they are using Safe Exam Browser.
  • The browser window won't have a URL or search field and back/forward navigation and reload can be disabled.
  • Safe Exam Browser cannot be closed until the test is submitted.
  • Switching to other applications is disabled by default, but it's possible to allow to use specific third party applications during an exam.
  • Shortcut keys such as Win+Tab, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+F4, Print Screen, Cmd+Tab are disabled or cannot be used to close Safe Exam Browser or to switch to other user accounts on the computer. The possibility of taking screen shots is disabled.
  • The clipboard is cleared when starting and quitting Safe Exam Browser.
  • The browser context menu is disabled.
  • Specific web sites/pages/resources can be configured to be accessible during an exam, using a URL filter.
  • Spell checking and dictionary lookup is disabled, but can optionally be allowed.

Creating / Editing a Quiz in Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

You can use Safe Exam Browser on existing quizzes or new quizzes.

Note: SEB must be activated before students attempt the quiz. Once there has been at least one quiz submission, SEB can no longer be activated for that quiz. 

  1. Create your quiz using the Activity Chooser or click 'edit settings' on an existing quiz.
  2. Scrolling down you will see an option called "Safe Exam Browser".
  3. Choose 'Yes - Configure Manually' to edit how you want Safe Exam Browser to behave

  4. Choose 'Yes' to "Show Safe Exam Browser download button".  By allowing this button to be visible within Moodle, it makes it easy and quick for your students to download Safe Exam Browser on whatever device they're taking the quiz on. 

  5. For an explanation of all the various settings, visit Moodle Docs here. The video below will also walk you through how to enable Safe Exam Browser. 

  6. When students open the quiz from Moodle, they will see a "Download Configuration" button, they will need to download and open this config file to use the Safe Exam Browser. 

screesnhot seb




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