Sanitize Technology Safely

The best way to do keep technology clean and sanitary is through washing or sanitizing your hands before and after utilizing a device. However, in some instances, sanitizing technology may be necessary. Below you will find proper methods for sanitizing technology you may encounter in classrooms, labs, and other areas, as well as some tips on how to clean your personal devices.

General Guidelines

  • Before and after touching a device (especially one that is shared, such as printers and lab computers), wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as recommended.
  • Turn off the device before sanitizing, when possible.
  • Do not apply or spray liquid cleaning agents directly onto the device. If cleaning is necessary, squeeze excess liquid from a disinfectant wipe and then clean the device. Ensure no moisture enters between the device's gaps or buttons, since this can damage components and cause device failure.

These guidelines are applicable to:

  • Display or touch screens (such as those on phones, computers, printers, copiers, etc.)
  • Keyboards and keypads (such as those on desk phones, computers, printers, copiers, etc.)
  • Technology covers or cases (such as those on mobile phones, computers, etc.)
  • Handsets or headsets (such as those on desk phones, etc.)
  • Controllers (such as those for televisions, gaming consoles, etc.)

Read more detailed cleaning tips for electronics.


If you have questions about a specific type of device, it is a good idea to perform an online search for the manufacturer's cleaning or sanitization recommendations. Below are links to a few common ones:

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