Access your Textbooks on your iPad

  1. On your iPad, tap Settings, then Safari.
  2. Tap to turn off “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.”
    • Turning off Cross Site tracking in Settings
  3. Follow the instructions on the Elsevier Student Life website to create your Elsevier account and redeem your access code if you haven’t already done so:
  4. On your content page, click Go to Vital Source Library.This establishes a link between your Evolve account and the textbook.
    • Link on Elsevier page (Go to VitalSource library)
  5. Tap “Launch App”.
    • Elsevier webpage where you select Launch App to open the Bookshelf app.
  6. When prompted to Open in “Bookshelf,” tap “Open.”
  7. Tap “Create an account.”
    • Create account link on Bookshelf app
  8. When prompted, choose the cookies you will accept and tap “Save".
    • Choosing the cookies that you will accept.  You must accept at least accept the required cookies.
  9. Create a VitalSource Account using the same email you used to create your Elsevier Evolve account and purchase your textbooks.Tap “Create.”
  10. You can tap “Tell me more!” to learn about the Bookshelf app or tap the “x” in the upper right-hand corner to continue to your library.
    • Library of Nursing textbooks
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