Digital Signage: Creating, Posting, Locations and Contacts

User Access

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Digital Poster Creation and Layout

10 Guidelines for Designing Digital Signage Content

Please note:

Signage must be submitted in the JPG file format, or PNG file format.

Power Point presentations will not be accepted. 

Export your Power Point slide to JPG or PNG before submitting. (How to Guide)

Digital signage resolution is 1920x1080 - ALL DISPLAYS

Only two displays are Portrait.

Campus Display Resolutions


Sample design of 16 by 9 digital sign layout.         Size in PowerPoint:
          Width: 20 inches
          Height: 11.25 inches

          Size in Photoshop:
          Width: 1920 pixels
          Height: 1080 pixels
                                                                 dpi: 72


         Size in PowerPoint:
         Width: 11.25 inches
         Height: 20 inches

         Size in Photoshop:
         Width: 1080 pixels
         Height: 1920 pixels
         dpi: 72


Sample design of 6 by 16 digital sign layout


Posting Content

Content posting is done by designated signage managers.  Most locations are managed by Rise Vision.  Please contact the Technology Service Desk for access and training.


Locations and Contacts

This is a general list of all locations containing digital signage displays. Not all locations will accept your posting request.

(Managers are subject to change. Please leave a comment below if a discrepancy is found.)


Click the "Show" check box to expand or hide the section.

Alamance Building
Alumni Field House
Alumni Gym
Arts West and Music Production & Recording Arts
Carol Grotnes Belk Library 
Caroline D. McCoy Commons
Carlton Building
Center for the Arts
Clohan Hall
Dalton L. McMichael, Sr. Science Center
Dickson Building
Duke Building
Dwight C. Schar Hall
Ella Darden and Elmon Lee Gray Pavilion
Elon School of Law
Ernest A. Koury, Sr. Business Center
Gerald L. Francis Center
Global Commons
Global Neighborhood
Inman Admissions Welcome Center
Innovation Hall
Iris Holt McEwen Building
Koeningsberger Learning Center
Koury Center
Lakeside Dining Hall - Winter Garden Corridor
Long Building
Martha S. and Carl H. Lindner III Hall
Mooney Building
Moseley Building
Numen Lumen
Phoenix Softball Clubhouse
Psychology and Human Services
Schar Center
Steers Pavilion
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