Question Versioning

Faculty who teach different sections of the same course can share question banks and quizzes between Moodle courses. With the addition of question versioning in Moodle 4.0, multiple faculty members can collaborate on questions within a question bank. This article covers:

Question versioning in Moodle 4.1

  • Adding comments to questions
  • Setting question status

Question Versioning in Moodle 4.1

  • Moodle 4.1 saves all iterations of questions within the question bank. Each time a question is edited or updated, Moodle creates a new version of the question. You can view the version number within the question bank. 

Screenshot of a question bank question with the version number circled.

  • To view all of the versions of a question, select "History" from the Actions drop-down menu. 

Screenshot of the Actions menu in the Moodle question bank with "history" highlighted.

  • Moodle will display all versions of the question. You are able to preview, edit, and delete individual question versions.

Screenshot of five different versions of the same question within a question bank in Moodle.

Adding Comments to Questions

  • If you need to comment on a question without changing it, click on the number next to the question in the "Comments" column. 

Screenshot of a question in the question bank with the comments number circled

  • Add a comment in the box at the bottom of the window and click "Add comment."

Screenshot of the question comments box with "this is my comment" written in the box.

  • The comments column will update to indicate that there is a comment associated with the question.

Screenshot of question in a question bank with the comments number circled.

Setting Question Status

  • While instructors collaborate on quiz questions, they can set the question status to "Draft" to communicate that the question is not yet ready to give to students. When instructors are ready to add a question to a quiz, they can set the status to "Ready."
  • The status feature does not modify the question in any way, it is used to communicate question status among collaborators. 
  • Toggle between "Ready" and "Draft" status by clicking on the "Status" drop-down menu. 

Screenshot of the question status drop-down menu with "Draft" highlighted.

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