Reset the Recorded Name in Voice Mailboxes

When logging into Unity Connection (voicemail), the system plays back a recorded name. If one has not been recorded, the system attempts to read the first and last name entered for the mailbox. This can have unwanted results. Follow the procedure below to reset your recorded name.

1.) Log into Unity Connection from your phone by pressing the Messages button

2.) Enter your PIN and press the # key (if you need to reset your PIN, please contact the Service Desk at 278-5200)

3.) Press 4 for Setup Options

4.) Press 3 for Preferences

5.) Press 2 for Recorded Name

6.) At this point the system will either alert you that you have no recorded name, or it will play back the current one. To keep it press *. To re-record it, listen for the tone and say your name. For best results, use the handset or a headset rather than using the speakerphone

7.) When you are finished press #

8.) The system will play back your name and if you wish to keep it, simply press *

9.) Then you may hang up

  • Your new recorded name will now be used when logging into Unity and whenever you don't have a standard greeting recorded.

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