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How do I know if my smartphone has international capabilities?


  • Use Wi-Fi where available. When using Wi-Fi, data usage won't count toward your allowance
  • You should also turn off the cellular data when you are not using your phone

Will my features, emails and apps (that use cellular data) be available when traveling outside the U.S.?


  • Features, emails, and apps are subject to local capabilities and may not be available while roaming internationally.

How do I make a call while traveling internationally?

Do I need to change any device settings to connect globally with my Global Phone or global data device?

  • It depends on your device. Some devices set global roaming off by default. See your User Guide for instructions to turn global roaming on. If your device's default is global roaming on, your device automatically chooses a global network when you're roaming abroad.

How do I access Voice Mail while traveling internationally?

  1. Dial your Verizon Wireless phone number in international format (+1 and then your 10-digit number)
  2. Interrupt your greeting by pressing # and follow the prompts to navigate through your voice mailbox.
  • Note: You'll need to use the international dialing format for dialing back to the U.S. from the country you're in.

If I have a technical problem while traveling, how do I get assistance?

  • Dial the exit code for the country you're in and then dial (908) 559-4899.
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