Use Syncplicity to Sync Files in One Location

The process of syncing your files to Syncplicity is incredibly easy. You should follow these instructions if you wish to organize your backed-up files in one location.

If you prefer not to move your files, you should learn How to Sync Files in Different Locations.

1.) To easily manage your files, right-click on your desktop and create a new folder

This image shows how to navigate to creating a new folder on your desktop.

2.) Call the folder Syncplicity, for simplification

This is an image of the folder created in step 1.

3.) Move any files you wish to be backed up to the cloud in this folder

4.) Open the Syncplicity folder

This image shows you the filepath of where the folder is.

5.) For each folder in your 'Syncplicity' folder, right-click and navigate to Syncplicity (1) and then select 'Add to Syncplicity' (2)

This image shows that when you right-click the folder, the Syncplicity option (marked 1) allows you to add the folder to syncplicity (marked 2).

This folder will be added to Syncplicity and automatically updated anytime changes are made within this folder. If you have multiple folders you wish to have synced to Syncplicity, you can repeat the process and add each folder to Syncplicity.

In the above example, you can see folders already added to Syncplicity are marked with the Syncplicity logo, indicated by the arrow.
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