Syncplicity Best Practices

This is your backup!

CTS will no longer backup data on your computer outside of what data is managed by Syncplicity. In the event of a computer crash or computer re-image, CTS will only be able to restore data backed up to your Syncplicity account. If you save data outside of your Syncplicity folders, CTS does not guarantee that such data will be recovered in the event of a computer crash or re-image.

Personal Computers

CTS does not support your attempts at installing the Syncplicity program on your personal computer. Instead, access files online when you are working on a personal computer. It’s important to remember that CTS is not responsible for any data corrupted or lost on personal computers.

What you should back up

Syncplicity is a robust tool for backing up computer files and folders to the cloud, making them easily accessible even when you’re away from your desk. However, you should only back up data that is related to your position at Elon University. Your Syncplicity account should not be used to back up personal photos, personal music, or personal video files. If anything should happen to your data, Campus Technology Support is only responsible for assisting you in recovering your work-related files.

Work out a system

When it comes to backing up weeks, months, and even years of data, you might consider designing a system that works for you in terms of file organization. By default, Syncplicity will back up files located on your computer’s desktop, in your computer’s Favorites folder, and in your computer’s My Documents folder. However, you can manually add folders outside these locations to your account. Syncplicity allows you to create as many folders as you want, so take advantage of organizing data that allows you to find it easily should you need it.

Helpful Hint: Syncplicity’s web access features a search option that allows you to search your account for files.

Please be patient with your first sync

When Syncplicity is first installed on your computer, it can take several hours or more to sync your data the first time because it all needs to be uploaded to Syncplicity’s servers. Even on a speedy campus connection, this can take a while. After the first sync, future files and folders you add should be uploaded very quickly.

Go mobile!

Syncplicity offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. Take advantage of mobile access to your files and folders by downloading the free app in the App Store or the Google Play store.

Don’t back up an external drive

This includes external hard drives and USB drives. Your data could be lost or corrupted if that external drive is disconnected suddenly, which is bad news all around.

Keep using your computer as you normally would

Syncplicity lets you select which folders you want to backup, allowing you to leave them where they already are.

Pause before you delete or move files and folders

Deleting a file or folder that’s synced to Syncplicity deletes it for you and anyone you may have shared it with. Moving a folder outside of the Syncplicity folder essentially deletes it from Syncplicity and anyone you may have shared it with. You can still do these things, but it needs to be a very deliberate decision.

Take advantage of backups!

Do you need an older version of a file? Did you accidentally delete one and now you need it back? Log into your Syncplicity account. Syncplicity will allow you to view deleted files, as well as different versions of files you’ve edited.

An alternative to emailing files

Tired of always emailing files to yourself? Upload them to your Syncplicity account and access them on the go!

Collaborate safely with non-Elon folks

In case you need to share files or folders with someone outside of Elon, you’ll be able to generate a special link to your content that can be password protected. As a bonus, these links expire after a set number of days.

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