Use Syncplicity on a Windows Device

Syncplicity is a robust program that gives users the power to manage what Elon job-related files they desire to have backed up and synced to the cloud. If you're worried about security--don't worry! Syncplicity utilizes extensive security protocols that adhere to all compliance regulations, including HIPPA and FERPA.

There are a variety of ways to interact with Syncplicity, all of which are outlined below.

1.) You can locate Syncplicity from the toolbar (the multi-colored spiral icon next to the speakers in the image below)

The syncplicity icon in the task bar

2.) You can also access Syncplicity from the Start Menu

The syncplicity application in the start menu

3.) Finally, you may right-click the Syncplicity icon and choose the action you wish to perform.

The available menu options once the syncplicity icon is right clicked

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