Update Syncplicity

On occasion, Syncplicity releases updates to their system. To update Syncplicity, please follow the instructions below. 

When a new version of Syncplicity is available, a window will pop up on your desktop like below:

An image of what the Syncplicity update message looks like.

1.) Click 'Upgrade' in the window above

2.) Click 'I Agree'

This is an image of the Syncplicity agreement you must accept.

3.) You can either navigate through the Syncplicity tutorial by clicking 'Next', or you can skip the tutorial by clicking 'Skip tutorial'

After the update completes, you'll see the tutorial screen.

For the purpose of this walk through, we are skipping the tutorial, as many users view this during the initial Syncplicity setup.

4.) Congratulations! You have updated Syncplicity!

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