Add Phonebook Entries in the RightFax Utility

FaxUtil for Windows lets you create a personal phonebook of fax numbers. You can add both individual entries and group entries that let you easily send one document to multiple recipients.

Create an Individual Phonebook Entry

  1. Click the View Phonebook button in the FaxUtil toolbar.

        2. Click New Entry. The Phonebook Entry dialog box will appear.

3. Enter a contact name in the ID box.

4. Fill out the remaining contact information and click OK.

5. The new entry will appear in your phonebook.

Be Careful

If you are faxing to a number on-campus, enter the four-digit fax extension (ex. 2800). Typically, you will not fax materials to anyone on-campus. Instead, you should just email them the information.

If you are faxing to a local number off-campus, enter 8 + the local number (ex. 81234567)

If you are faxing to a long-distance number off-campus, enter 8 + 1 + area code + number (ex. 818001234567)

Create a Group Phonebook Entry

  1. Click the View Phonebook button in the FaxUtil toolbar.

       2. Click New Group. The Phonebook Group dialog box will appear.
       3. Enter a name in the ID box to identify the name of the New Group you are creating.
       4. To add Group Members to the New Group, select the contact on the left and click the button. The members of the New Group you have selected will appear in the Group Members box.

       5. To remove Group Members from the New Group you have created, select the contact in the Group Members box and click the button.
       6. When you have included all of the Group Members of the New Group, click OK.


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