Fax with the FaxUtil Client from a Windows Device

Open the FaxUtil client for Windows

  1. Click the RightFax tray icon on your Windows taskbar.
  2. Select FaxUtil on the shortcut menu.


  1. Select Start.
  2. Select All Programs.
  3. Select RightFax FaxUtil.

The FaxUtil client will open:

Creating and Sending Faxes

Create a new fax

  1. Click the New Fax button.  
  2. In the Fax Information dialog box, add one fax recipients. Specify your cover sheet notes and options, add attachments, and specify other sending preferences.
  3. Click Send to send the fax.


Be Careful
  • If you are faxing to a number on-campus, enter the four digit fax extension (ex. 2800). Typically, you will not fax materials to anyone on-campus. Instead, you should just email them the information.
  • If you are faxing to a local number off-campus, enter 8 + the local number (ex. 81234567)
  • If you are faxing to a long-distance number off-campus, enter 8 + 1 + area code + number (ex. 818001234567)

To include a cover sheet with your document

  1. In the Fax Information dialog box, go to the Main tab. Under the Options section, select the Use cover sheet option.
  2. Fill out the recipient’s information and go to the Cover Sheet Notes tab.
  3. Type the cover sheet notes in to the Notes to be Placed on the Cover Sheet box (up to 21 lines).
  4. Go to the More Options tab and select a cover sheet from the Cover Sheet File box.

    5. Optional: Enter the sender’s contact information in the From section fields and click Send to send the fax. 

To attach files to your document

  1. In the Fax Information dialog box, click the Attachments tab.
  2. Click on the Paperclip icon to search for files on your computer to attach.
  3. Each selected file is displayed in the Selected Attachments list. File attachments will be added to the end of the document in the order they appear in the Selected Attachments list.


To add an overlay form to your document

  1. Overlay forms are image files that combine with your attached document so the two images appear together.
  2. In the Fax Information dialog box, click the More Options tab.
  3. Select the Use Form option, and then select the overlay form you want from the list.


Useful Information

After you send a fax:

  • You will receive an email message letting you know if the fax was sent successfully.
  • There is a delay in receiving the email confirmation.
  • There is a delay in the recipient receiving the fax.


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